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The following are downloadable documents related to the ISTAR Infectious Disease Compact.
Please feel free to peruse them and we welcome any comments you may have - please use our feedback page to forward us your opinions.

Dr. Harvey Rubin's Presentation on the Infectious Disease Compact
(made at the Infectious Disease Society of America conference in Toronto, Canada on October 12th 2006) [2Mb]

THE NEW ARMS RACE: Making the Case for an International Compact for Infectious Diseases
by Compact Authors



Other Related Documents

International Law and Communicable Diseases - a Special Theme Paper by Obijiofor Aginam - Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2002, 80(12).

The International Drug Purchase Facility (IDPF)

The Australia Group Cooperation - a working group for National Export Control issues.

Global Public Health Surveillance under New International Health Regulations - by Michael G. Baker* and David P. Fidler, Emerging Infectious Diseases, 12(7), 2006.

From International Sanitary Conventions to Global Health Security: The New International Health Regulations - by David P. Fidler, Chinese Journal of International Law, 4(2), 2005.

Germs, governance, and global public health in the wake of SARS - by David P. Fidler, The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 113(6), 2004.

Globalization, International Law, and Emerging Infectious Diseases - by David P. Fidler, Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2(2), 1996.

The International Health Regulations and Beyond - by Lawrence Gostin, The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 4; 606, 2004.

WHO 58th World Health Assembly 2005 Report

The International Health Regulations (2005) Update

International Health Regulations - Comments from the Center for Law & the Public's Health at the Georgetown& Johns Hopkins Universities

WHO Intergovernmental Working Group on Revisions of the International Health Regulations - Full Report, 24 January 2005.

Making Markets for Vaccines - Ideas to action - by Ruth Levine, Michael Kremer, Alice Albright and Co-Chairs

Global Issues Networks: Desperate Times Deserve Innovative Measures - by Jean-François Rischard

Global Pathogen Surveillance Act of 2005 - 109th Congress, 1st Session

A Survey of Asian Life Scientists: The State of Biosciences, Laboratory Biosecurity, and Biosafety in Asia - A Sandia Report (Sandia National Laboratories’ Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Department and BioInformatics, LLC)

Strengthening the Role of Genomics in Global Health - by Tara Acharya, Abdallah S. Daar, Halla Thorsteinsdóttir, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Peter A. Singer, PLoS Medicine, 1(3), 2004.

Realising the Promise of Genomics: Exploring Governance - by Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Abdallah S. Daar, Tara Acharya and Peter A. Singer, International Journal of Biotechnology, 8(1/2), 2006.

The New International Health Regulations and the Federalism Dilemma - by Kumanan Wilson, Christopher McDougall, Ross Upshur, the Joint Centre for Bioethics SARS Global Health Ethics Research Group, PLoS Medicine, 3(1), 2006.

United Nations Treaty Collection - Treaty Reference Guide

United Nations: Focus 2005 - Responding to Global Challenges, A Multilateral Treaty Framework [7Mb]


The Emergency Preparedness Review Committee (EPRC) of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial on the EPRC Report

Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial on the EPRC Report (2)




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