Size-Exclusion Chromatography in-line with Multi-Angle Light Scattering

SEC-MALS marries three complementary forms of detection – ultraviolet (UV), refractive (RI), and static laser light scattering – in-line with standard size-exclusion chromatography, providing a robust methods for the determination of molar mass and oligomeric state in solution of macromolecules. This technique is a robust method for validation of sample purity and monodispersity.

  • A standard HPLC assembly with a Wyatt Technology DAWN HELEOS II 18-angle light scattering instrument with in-line quasi-elastic light scattering and Wyatt Technology tREX refractive interferometer. The ASTRA 5 software package operates the instrument. 
Light Scattering Equipment


This instrument is located within the department at 810 Stellar-Chance Laboratory


Kushol Gupta


810 Stellar-Chance Laboratories

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