Research Interests

Dr. Zhang is a former collaborator of the LAPKPD and has joined the group as a Postdoctoral Fellow in August 2009. Yin received her Pharm.D. and Ph.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy in 2005 where she researched into brain tumor biology and molecular target. Continuing her interest in oncology research, she joined the Infant Leukemia Laboratory at CHOP as a Postdoctoral Fellow, during which time she had extensive interaction with Dr. Barrett on the application of modeling & simulation of molecularly targeted agents in murine leukemia disease model. Dr. Zhang's current research focuses on population pharmacology and understanding sources of variation in PK-PD with modeling and simulation strategies to develop rational dosing guidance. Dr. Zhang's projects span diverse therapeutic areas, including the development of a population PK model for actinomycin-D incorporating a catheter clearance procedure, development of tacrolimus dosing guidance for the Pediatric KnowledgeBase interface, and development of a population PK model for melatonin in elderly patients.




Alena Zhang Pharm.D, Ph.D.
Sr. Scientist, ICON Development Solutions