Xinjun Ji, Ph.D.
1992, B.S., JiLin University (Changchun, Jilin Province, China)

1995, M.S., Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine(Beijing, China)

1999, Ph.D., Peking Union Medical College (Beijing, China)

Research Interests
To study the mechanism of general gene regulation and the mechanism of genes related to genetic diseases. To develop new therapies to treat these disorders.
Current Research
The stability of
a-globin mRNA is tightly linked to assembly of a 3'-untranslated region (UTR) sequence-specific mRNP complex (a-complex). The a-complex is composed of a single molecule of one of several isoforms of the KH domain protein aCP associated with a polypyrimidine-pure and C-rich 3'UTR determinant. aCPs are multifunctional proteins that have been implicated in a broad spectrum of gene expression controls including mRNA stability, translational control, and viral RNA replication. In an attempt to delineate the mechanism(s) of aCP's actions we have asked whether aCP is associated with translating ribosomes. Our current results demonstrate that a fraction of the cytosolic aCP proteins are polysome-associated, that this association is mRNA-dependent, and that the association with translating polysomes is a high-affinity interaction. These results provide support for models of aCP function involving direct interaction with translating mRNAs.

Treatment of SCD patients with butyrate increases the HbF levels and may ameliorate their symptoms. Previous study carried out by the George Atweh lab showed that patients responded to in vivo butyrate by increasing their levels of HbF even though no consistent change in g-globin mRNA was observed. We are now working with the Atweh laboratory to test the hypothesis that the rapid increase in g-globin chain synthesis induced by butyrate is mediated by translational mechanisms

Selected Publications
  1. Ji Xinjun, Liu Depei, Xu Dongdong, Li Lei, Wang Jing,, Liang Chihchuan. 2000. Both locus control region and proximal regulatory elements direct the developmental regulation of b-globin gene cluster. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 76(3):376-385

  2. Ji Xinjun, Liu Depei, Xu Dongdong Liang Chihchuan. 1999. Establishment of A+G ligation mediated polymerase chain reaction and its application in in vivo footprinting study. Acta. Academiae. Medicininae Sinicae, 21(3):229-232

  3. Wu Zhiqui, Jiang Baohua, Cui Jinghua, Ji Xinjun, Huang Xiazhen, Cai Huiguo, Chen Peizhen, Wang Rongxi, Huang Youwen. 1998 .The effect of bu shen sheng xue fang on beta-thalassemia at gene level. J Tradit Chin Med. ,18(4):300-303

  4. Cai Huiguo, Chen Peizhen, Zhang Lidong, Peng Qiong , JI Xinjun, MA Shuang. 1995 The practice Of PCR-SSCP analysis. Progress In Biochemistry And Biophysics., 22(5):473-475
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