Shelly Waggoner, Ph.D.
1991, B.S., St. Cloud State University (St. Cloud, MN)

1997, Ph.D., University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (Denver, CO)

Research Interests
Determining the function of each of the different
aCP isoforms, post-transcriptional control of gene expression
Current Research
The human
a-globin poly C binding proteins (aCPs) comprise a five-member family of hnRNPK homology (KH) domain containing RNA binding proteins. These proteins are likely multifunctional; playing roles in various post-transcriptional controls including mRNA stability and translation. Furthermore, it has recently been shown that one of the aCP family members (aCP4) is induced by the tumor suppressor, p53. Additionally, aCP4 can induce cell cycle arrest at the G2-M stage, and is a positive mediator of apoptosis. Interestingly, the RNA binding activity of aCP4 is required to mediate these cellular processes. Since these proteins are multifunctional, we hypothesize that they interact with a variety of mRNAs in the cell.

My project is focused upon identifying the mRNAs targets of each of the aCP isoforms. These studies should further our understanding of the function of each of the aCP family members.

Last Updated: Mon, May 14, 2001