Vitamin D-Binding Protein (DBP) Project

  • Defining the Pathway of hDPB Locus Activation in Hepatic Chromatin
  • Assigning Novel Physiologic Functions to DBP
Project Summary
Vitamin D-Binding Protein (DBP) Gene Expression;
Defining the Pathway of hDPB Locus Activation in Hepatic Chromatin and Assigning Novel Physiologic Functions to DBP

The DBP group studies Vitamin D-binding protein (DBP, also known as the group-specific component of serum: GC-globulin). This is a highly expressed serum protein that is a member of the albumin (ALB), -fetoprotein (AFP), and afamin or -albumin (AFM) gene family. These four genes are linked on human chromosome 4. DBP is a highly polymorphic serum protein predominantly synthesized in liver as a single-chain glycoprotein of approximately 58 kDa. Studies include: the function of DBP via gene knock-out and transgenic approaches in mice, and the basis for its robust and liver-specific transcriptional activation via defined chromatin determinants.

Project Personnel

      Tomoko Hiroki, Ph.D.
  Chris Laing, Ph.D.
Selected References
Primary Papers (1995 - present)
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Reviews (1995 - present)

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