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PSOM Research Opportunity Database

The PSOM Research Opportunity Database is a resource for Penn medical students that centralizes information across Penn Medicine departments, divisions, and institutes about opportunities to get involved in research. It contains information about faculty who are interested in working with medical students, and if those faculty members have specific projects that need staffing, project details are included as well. This resource was created to streamline and improve the process of connecting students looking for opportunities in research with faculty members looking for students to mentor. The database currently contains more than 300 opportunities across 30+ departments/divisions/institutes, with projects in clinical research, basic science research, translational research, and other research (e.g., epidemiology, quality improvement, health systems). The database is updated periodically with new opportunities to keep information fresh.

Database limitations

1) This database contains many opportunities but is not all-encompassing; since not all departments/divisions/institutes at Penn responded to our initial call for opportunities, some specialties are better represented than others. There are many Penn faculty members with great projects who are not listed in this database, but they are still eager to mentor students.

2) Despite periodic updates, not all data will be perfectly updated and accurate. This database is more a guide to help you figure out who's interested in mentoring medical students, and what kinds of projects they lead - the real value is in streamlining the first step of connecting students/potential mentors.

3) Filters are helpful, but may unintentionally screen out great opportunities that have not listed a value in a the filtered column. For example, filtering by "Internal funding available? = Yes" will exclude all opportunities for which the mentor has not specified the funding status. Future iterations of the database will work to standardize data collection (which will help with this limitation).             

For Students:

Accessing the PSOM Research Opportunity Database
Download the PSOM Research Opportunity Database with PennKey login. The database is refreshed regularly to include new opportunities, so be sure to download the latest version as you conduct your search.

Quick Start Guide
How do I use the database?

Browse opportunities in the Database tab, using filters to help target your search. You can filter by date posted, department/division/institute, type of research (clinical, basic science, translational, other), internal funding status, or any other field. If you find an interesting opportunity, you can 1) use the faculty page link to learn more and then 2) reach out directly to the faculty member using the email address provided.

Tips for success

1) If a faculty member is listed, but has not listed a specific project, don't be afraid to reach out and ask about projects available - many mentors will have project ideas in the works and can give you the most current information.

2) Older listings may not be up to date, but they're still valuable; mentors of completed projects may have new projects to work on with students - just ask!

3) If a faculty member is listed, but you have your own idea for a project, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask about the possibility of mentorship.

4) If a faculty member you are interested in working with is not listed, still contact them. Not all departments/divisions/institutes at Penn responded to the initial call for opportunities. There are many Penn faculty members with great projects who are not listed in this database, but they are still eager to mentor students

5) Use this database in conjunction with the guidance provided on this website (including how to start the process, how to reach out to mentors, and how to find funding)

For PSOM Faculty:

How do I add an opportunity?

PSOM Faculty - If you have a specific project, or you are interested in mentoring students, please click on this link to submit your information directly to the database: PSOM Research Opportunity Database Submission Link

Contact Us

Let us know how it's going! If you have any feedback (questions, issues, success stories), please reach out to Neil Menon and cc: the Associate Director of the CD Office.