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Tutorials & Online Classes

There are many instructional resources available to Penn med students online including:


The Biomedical Library has Tutorials you can watch on popular tools such as Excel, Google Scholar, Powerpoint, Prezi, etc.

LYNDA.COM training is available for free to all Penn faculty, students, and staff with a valid PennKey.
For more information, visit: Penn Computing: website.


The Khan Academy online statistics lectures were found (by a student) to be really helpful in understanding basic statistics.


NIH offers a Core Curriculum in Clinical Research. Free courses offered include:

  • Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR)
  • Principles of Clinical Pharmacology (PCP)
  • Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Research (Bioethics)

These courses are offered as distance learning courses. Each course consists of a series of videotaped lectures by experts. You have two options when taking a course: 

  1. Registration - Register for the course    , watch all of the classes  , pass the exam, and receive a certificate of completion. Registration provides an opportunity to connect with the cohort that is taking the same course, get access to the portal to ask the lecturer a question, etc. Registration is open for about 6-7 months (usually October through April), as it closes before the scheduled exam. The exam is open, so you can return to the lectures to find information. The NIH tracks the courses; thus, if you register, please plan to finish the course and take the exam. 
  2.               No Registration - You are able to access the content without registering for the course; however, you will not have the opportunities listed above. Content is available year round.