Basic Embryology Review Program

The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine is not able to provide technical support for this application beyond the students and faculty of this institution. We appreciate comments you care to submit to us through the Feedback function.

How BERP Works
Navigation Panel
System Requirements
Trouble Shooting

How BERP Works

To activate a BERP image, move your mouse over the picture. This program features the following interactive components:
An annotated image
This image is active in two ways: if the mouse is moved from outside the image area onto the picture, all of the annotated structures on the image are displayed. If one of the structures is clicked with the mouse, that structure is highlighted in th e structure list, and the associated text is displayed in the text area below.

A scrolling structure list
The window in the upper right area of the screen is a scrolling list of the annotated structures on this image. The structure list is active such that if a structure in the list is selected with the mouse, the marker for that structure appears on the image, and the associated text is displayed in the text area below.

A scrolling text area
The window in the lower right area of the screen displays the text about the image or about the selected structure. This area is activated by mouse selections in the image or structure list; it is interactive only in that there is a scroll bar, if th ere is more text than can be displayed in the text area itself.

Image selection list
Links below the interactive image enable the selection of a different images from the current chapter.

The Navigation Panel

Index The Index button links to the BERP home page, from which you can select a different chapter.
Help The Help button links to this Help page.
Credits The people who made this program possible.
Movies The Movies button links to the Movies index page. The Movies require significant network resources, and it is not recommended that modem users try to download the movies.
Previous Page The left-pointing triangle links to the previous image in the current chapter.
Next Page The right-pointing triangle links to the next image in the current chapter.

System Requirements

The web version of BERP requires the following computer resources:
  • Macintosh with PowerPC (preferred) or 68040 processor OR an IBM-compatible computer with Pentium (preferred) or 486 processor
  • color monitor of 800x600 or better resolution (preferred) or with minimum 640x480 resolution
  • 24mb or greater RAM (preferred); minimum 16mb RAM
  • Mac OS 7.5.5 (preferred) or 7.1(minimum) OR Windows 95
  • Netscape Navigator 3.01 or Netscape Communicator 4.01 (see below for more info on browser versions)
  • ethernet network connection (best), 33.6 modem connection (preferred) or 28.8 modem connection (minimum)


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 95 is not currently supported for BERP, and almost certainly will not work due to the use of JavaScript in this application. Early testing of Internet Explorer 4.0 for Macintosh indicates that this version should work with BERP, but if problems occur, we recommend returning to Netscape. Be cautious about using Netscape 4.02 for Windows 95, as it handles the Java applet differently. We recommend that you stick with version 3.01 or 4.01 until further notice.
  • Performance of BERP on the web will depend on the speed of your network connection and your computer's memory and processor capacity. Modem connections are likely to be quite slow, and we do not recommend that you attempt to download the movies over modem connections.
  • Currently, BERP performs much better in Windows 95 than on Macintosh computers, due to Netscape's implementation of Java. Recent testing suggests that Macs running Mac OS 8.0 will achieve better performance.

Tips & Troubleshooting Suggestions

  • We recommend that you set your Netscape disk cache higher than the standard default, to at least 20mb-30mb if possible. If the Netscape cache contains a previously-used slide, it will load faster the next time you use that slide.
  • BERP uses the Java programming language to provide interactive slides. While we do not anticipate problems, it is possible that you will occasionally have problems if Netscape or the Java applet run low on memory. We recommend that you close other applications if you are not using them, and make sure you save your work from other applications (not a bad idea in any environment!).
  • If BERP, or Netscape, crash, close Netscape and restart your computer. Often this will resolve the issue. Sometimes it also helps to clear your disk cache (use the button for this purpose located in the Cache section of Netscape's preferences).
  • Sometimes (generally on Macintosh computers) the following behaviour will occur: after a period of use, the program loads the applet with the structure list and text box displaying correctly, but the image does not display. If the mouse cursor is passed over the image area, the pointers will display, but still without the image. This appears to be memory problem of some type. We recommend that you quit and relaunch Netscape (and if necessary, your computer) if you encounter this behavior.