Medical Physics Residency

Staff Physicists

HUP Physicists

  • Shibu Anamalayil, M.S., Associate Director of Physics Residency
  • Nathan Anderson, M.S.
  • Brendan Burgdorf, M.S.
  • Douglas Bollinger, MMP
  • Pierre Charpentier, M.S.
  • Valentina Dolney, M.S.
  • Andreea Dimofte, M.S.
  • Elizabeth Garver, M.S., Chief of Proton Physics
  • Brett Hartl, M.S.
  • Emily Hubley, M.S.
  • William Scott Ingram, Ph.D.
  • Christopher Kennedy, Ph.D., Chief of Photon Physics
  • Brandon Koger, Ph.D.
  • Jaclyn Marcel, M.S.
  • Shannon O'Reilly, Ph.D.
  • Cheng Peng, Ph.D., Chief of Dosimetry
  • Ryan Scheuermann, M.S.
  • Joshua Scheuermann, M.S.
  • Lingshu Yin, Ph.D.

Satellite Physicists

  • Michael Bieda, M.S., Assistant Chief of Physics - White Region
  • Hang Dong, M.S.
  • Christopher Fox, Ph.D.
  • Eric Hernandez, M.S.
  • Kenith Hogue, M.S.
  • Ping Jin, M.S.
  • Jane Lawson, M.S.
  • Virginia Lockamy, Ph.D., Assistant Chief of Physics - Blue Region
  • John Li, Ph.D.
  • Rob Mooij, Ph.D.
  • A.Omer Nawaz, Ph.D., Assistant Chief of Physics - Red Region
  • Steven Philbrook, M.S.
  • Kathleen Spillane, Ph.D.
  • David Sutton, M.S.
  • Anne Thompson, M.S.

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