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Research Projects


  • SP-C Mutations and Conformational Lung Disease. Using SP-C as a model bitopic transmembrane protein, we are characterizing the mechanisms underlying the development of cellular dysfunction and apoptosis in vitro leading to the development of conformational lung disease and pulmonary fibrosis in vivo. [See Figure 2, Figure 3, Figure 4, and Figure 5]


  • Developmental Expression of SP-C : Expression and synthetic processing of surfactant protein C in human fetal lung [See Figure 6]


  • Host Defense Roles of Surfactant : The role of surfactant in local host defense and pathogenesis of Pneumocystis carinii lung infection [See Figure 7, Figure 8, and Figure 9]


  • The role of pulmonary collectins (surfactant proteins A and D) in the modulation of inflammation and injury.






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