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18th Annual Retreat - 2017 "Riding the innovation wave in preclinical models and therapies"  
17th Annual Retreat - 2016 "3D organoids in the GI tract, liver and pancreas"  
16th Annual Retreat - 2015 "Innovative perspectives on pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer"  
15th Annual Retreat - 2014 "Liver biology and translational therapeutics"  
14th Annual Retreat - 2013 "The intestinal stem cell: from the niche to the bedside"  
13th Annual Retreat - 2012 "IBD, Functional Genomics and the Intestinal Mucousal Interface"  
12th Annual Retreat - 2011 "Embryology to regenerative medicine in digestive and liver diseases"


11th Annual Retreat - 2010 "The biology of pancreatic development, regeneration & malignancy"


10th Annual Retreat - 2009 "Intestinal microbia in health & diseases"


  9th Annual Retreat - 2008 "Stem cells in development, inflammation & cancer"


  8th Annual Retreat - 2007 "Gut-brain-adipose interplay in health & disease"


  7th Annual Retreat - 2006 "Advances in GI cancers: animal models to proteomics"


  6th Annual Retreat - 2005 "Stem cells in development and diseases"


  5th Annual Retreat - 2004 "The present & future of enteric pathogenesis & the GI tract"


  4th Annual Retreat - 2003 "Endoderm-derived organs in GI liver development, differentiation & disease"


  3rd Annual Retreat - 2002 "Regulation of lymphocyte biology in health & disease"


 2nd Annual Retreat - 2001 "Molecular basis for neoplasia in the digestive tract"


  1st Annual Retreat - 2000 "Molecular basis to hepatic gene regulation: From bench to bedside"



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