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JEM women in STEM: Unique journeys with a common purpose (2020)

The national MD-PhD program outcomes study: Outcomes variation by sex, race, and ethnicity (2019) — In 2015, a nation-wide effort was launched to track the careers of over 10,000 MD-PhD program graduates. This article analyzes the impact of sex, race, and ethnicity on career outcomes (see the companion article describing overall outcomes). Diversity among trainees has increased since the earliest MD-PhD programs, although it still lags considerably behind the US population. Additional efforts are needed to promote diversity in MD-PhD program admissions and to understand the systemic barriers to recruitment and promotion along the career path.   

NIH funding longevity by gender (2018) — Significance: women had similar funding longevity as men after they received their first major NIH grants, contradicting the common assumption that across all career stages, women experience accelerated attrition compared with men. Despite longevity similarities, women composed only 31% of grantees in our analysis. This discrepancy in grantee demographics suggests that efforts may be best directed toward encouraging women to enter academia and supporting their continued grant submissions.

A Culture Conducive to Women’s Academic Success: Development of a Measure (2013) — This article defined factors that increase the supportiveness of the environment for women faculty (equal access, work-life balance, freedom from gender biases, and supportive leadership) and validated a tool to measure it. By making these intangible yet essential measures quantifiable, the authors create a framework for fostering a culture conducive to women’s academic success more broadly.


A brief list of websites, most of which have additional resource lists within them


Association for Women in Science
AWIS is an organization advocating the interests of women in science and technology; site includes resources and info about local chapter.

AAMC Group on Women in Medicine and Science (GWIMS)
The mission of the GWIMS is to advance the full and successful participation of women in all roles within academic medicine. The GWIMS will serve as a national forum to advance women's success in medicine and science by addressing: gender equity; recruitment and retention; awards and recognition; and career advancement.

ASCB – Women in Cell Biology newsletter series
The American Society for Cell Biology’s thought provoking monthly newsletters on relevant topics from 2004 to present.  Links to other resources, too.

APSA (American Physician Scientist Association)
APSA has created space on their website to include scholarly literature on issues that affect women MD-PhDs. This provides a national forum for students to share relevant publications with one another.

European Molecular Biology Organization – Women in Science
Links to resources, info and publications.

National Academies / National Research Council Committee on Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine
Site includes stats, resources and a page with “50 must read bloggers” re: women in science and engineering.

NIH Women in Biomedical Careers
Info about NIH initiatives, plus resources, reading lists, etc.

National Library of Medicine exhibit: Changing the Face of Medicine – Celebrating America’s Women Physicians
Site includes info and profiles for original exhibit and interactive section allowing readers to contribute stories about a women physicians who have had an important impact on their lives.

Science Careers Magazine
Articles related to scientific careers, including sections on Life and Career and Diversity Issues, and the option to search all articles for relevant topics (eg search for “women physician scientist” or “women in science”)

Women Related Science/Technology Sites
A large, annotated list of relevant sites put together by Joan Korenman, Founding Director of the National Center for Women and Information Technology, Professor Emerita of English, and Affiliate Professor Emerita of Women's Studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

Breaking the Glass Ceiling Early On: How to Empower Girls in STEM


Penn Med Student Organization Directory
Including info about the Elizabeth Blackwell Society, whose mission is to inspire, empower, and connect women physicians and medical students and help them in finding their path to personal success.

Penn Graduate Women in Science and Engineering
Student group dedicated to enhancing the graduate experience of women in science and engineering; to improving the environment of women pursuing careers in science and engineering; and to increasing the representation of women in science and engineering at all levels of the University of Pennsylvania; site includes info and option to sign up for announcements about events

FOCUS on Health and Leadership for Women
School of Medicine program designed to improve the recruitment, retention, advancement and leadership of women faculty, and to promote women’s health research; though primarily geared toward faculty, the site includes resources and statistics of interest to students

Penn Women’s Center
For over 40 years, the center has been active in promoting the rights of women on campus and beyond. We strive to include voices of gender, sexual, and racial minorities, acknowledging that feminism has historically been white and cis-centered. We offer programs related to: Career Development, Stress Management, Parenting, Sexual Violence Prevention, and Health and Wellness.