MSTP Steering Committee

The MSTP Steering Committee was expanded in 2020 and again in 2021 with new appointments contributing to greater diversity on the committee, better reflecting the diversity of the community and goals of the program.  For more information about the members and their bios:

The Steering committee is fully committed to racial justice, diversity and inclusion.  Members include Dr. Horace DeLisser, Associate Dean for the Program for Diversity and Inclusion and Dr. Donita Brady, Assistant Dean for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Research Training.  The group  discusses relevant topics frequently, and each contributes to anti-racism work within the MSTP and also within their other roles and responsibilities (eg within their academic departments and divisions, other leadership roles, and in their mentorship and teaching).  The MSTP Steering Committee meets monthly as a group.  There are Student Representatives to the MSTP Steering Cmt from each cohort, and Steering meets with Student Reps once a semester.   The committee also has regular meetings with the Committee Chairs of the MSTP student Diversity Action Committee, and members meet on an ad hoc basis with sub-committees for ongoing work.