Murray Lab


November 19, 2015 Josh Burdick earned his PhD!
March 2, 2015 Travis Walton's paper published in PLoS Genetics!
January 3, 2015 Robert Warneford-Thomson (BMB student) started a rotation.
September 29, 2014: Scott Norton (GCB student) started a rotation
September 2, 2014: Shaili Patel joined the lab as a technician
August 28, 2014: John’s modENCODE paper was published in Nature!
July 1, 2014: Jonathan joined the lab 
June 18, 2014: Amanda was awarded a K99 grant! 
May 14, 2014: John’s single-cell heat-shock paper was published in Methods!
April 15, 2014: Jonathan Rumley (GGR student) started a rotation
January 13, 2014: Somdutta Mukherjee (DSRB student) started a rotation
August 23, 2013: Our R01 proposal was funded by NIGMS!
August 2, 2013: Surprise going away party for Travis, who is leaving to start graduate school at Harvard in the fall
August 1, 2013: Amanda won FASEB Bio-Art competition
July 17, 2013: Travis and Gautham’s paper was published in Development! 
June 22, 2013: Josh’s paper on deconvolution was published in BMC Bioinformatics!
May 21. 2013: Kristy David-Ramphal (Undergraduate) & Meilin Fernandez Garcia (Graduate student) started rotations.
Jan 9, 2013: Rochelle Chen (Undergraduate) joined the lab.