Dear Nucleic Acid Facility Users,

On May 17 John Glick, Director of the Abramson Cancer Center notified the Penn community that after 21 years the Nucleic Acid Facility will no longer be part of the Cancer Center core facilities. The Facility will no longer provide oligonucleotides to the Penn community.

Orders for oligonuleotides will not be processed after 5:00 pm June 30, 2004. Standard DNA and some modified DNA oligos can be ordered through the Cell Center stockroom vendors: IDT, Invitrogen or Sigma Genosys.

For advice on special modifications not available through commercial vendors, please contact Dr. Adam Peritz at (215) 898-3081 or We are willing to collaborate in a limited number of special cases.

Any questions regarding the closure of the Nucleic Acid Facility should be directed to John Glick, Director of the Abramson Cancer Center.

Thank for your patronage