Location: 337 Cret Chemistry Building, 231 South 34th St. , Philadelphia , PA 19104-6323
Facility Director: Ponzy Lu, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry
Technical Director: Adam Peritz, Ph.D.
Technicians:  Vidhi Patel, Eric Blythe
Phone: (215) 898-1584
Fax: (215) 573-2159
Email: chemdna@mail.med.upenn.edu

Nucleic Acid Facility, Policy Advisory Committee

A DNA Synthesis Advisory Committee was established to oversee the operation of the Facility. This committee meets yearly to review the performance of the Facility, establish user fees and set protocols to keep the Facility running efficiently.

Ponzy Lu, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Chemistry; Director, Nucleic Acid Facility
James Alwine, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Cancer Biology
Wade Berrettini, M.D., Ph.D. Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Lewis Chodosh, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Dept of Cancer Biology, Dept of Cell & Developmental Biology, and Dept of Medicine
Tapan Ganguly, Ph.D. Director, Sequencing Facility
Alan Gewirtz, M.D. Professor of Medicine and Pathology
Thomas Kadesch, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Genetics; Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Penn
Ronen Marrmorstein, Ph.D. Professor, Wistar Institute
Eric Weinberg, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Biology