All purchasing must go through the business office.  As PI, you have the authority to delegate purchasing authority to a lab member.  Please complete this form and send to the Department Purchasing Contact (Badr Naim) to file for the Business Office.

Every research program should have an assigned purchaser.  They should take the Requisitioner training in Knowledge Link along with all prerequisites.  Once training is completed, please submit a Ben Financials Access Request eform

  • Request – “New logon ID”
  • Supervisor – Director, Academic Business Operations (Rachel DeAngelis)
  • Under Requested Access-BEN Buys click ‘add’ next to requisitioner
  • Default Approver  - Dept Purchaser (Badr Naim)


The department has an assigned contact for equipment purchases and asset tagging. When purchasing equipment in Ben Buys, please use the following to setup the Asset:

  • BLDG-FLR-RM – Where will the equipment be located
  • Category Code – Moveable Scientific Equipment or Moveable Computer Equipment      
  • Responsible Organization – 4322
  • Custodian of Item – PI Name
  • Tagging Contact – Badr Naim


Use of Department cards: There are procards available for purchases in the business office.  If you are in need, please reach out to Rachel DeAngelis or Ellen Solvibile for assistance.

Procard Owners: You are responsible for securing your card, confirming that all purchases meet the University approved standards, report purchases with receipts to the business office and review monthly procard statements for accuracy.  When making a purchase please be sure to notify the business office so that documentation can be collected and the appropriate fund can be used for the purchase. 

When a purchase is made, please email with the following information ASAP…

  • Subject Line: PROCARD PURCHASE / date / XXXX LAB
  • Name of Vendor:
  • Total purchase price of the item(s):
  • Fund where the expense should be allocated:
  • Description of the item purchased including justification for need
  • Attach a receipt showing ‘paid’ to the email

Alcohol Orders

Alcohol orders are required to be place through Space Planning and Operations.  When filling out the online form, please add your Grants Manager's name as the approver and the approver email as  This will ensure timely approval even if your Grants Manager is out of the office.  SPO will email confirmation when the alcohol is ready for pick-up.  It is the lab’s responsibility to pick up alcohol during assigned days/times. 

Grant Support

PreAward: All proposal notifications should be made through the online system.  Please ensure the correct proposal type is selected; clinical trial or grant.  The Department will log the request and assign to an individual to assist you with proposal preparation. If you do not hear from someone at least 2 weeks prior to deadline, please reach out to a Director, Academic Business Operations for resolution.

PostAward: Every investigator has an assigned Grants Manager. Please click here for the full assignments list.

Human Resources & Academic Affairs

New/Replacement Job postings (STAFF): When posting any position it is important to demonstrate availability of funding for at least 2 years.  REQUIRED DOCUMENTS to post a position are the HR Financial Review Form and the Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ).  Please work with your Grants Manager to identify funding information for the Financial Review Form.  If you are in need of assistance completing the PIQ, please see our HR representative.

Hiring (STAFF):  It is important to maintain records when reviewing and interviewing candidates.  Before you start interviewing it is best to come up with a series of questions to ask all candidates so you can fairly compare abilities against lab needs.  The HR office has some sample questions to help with this process.  All interview notes are required to be uploaded into your hiring proposal even for candidates that were not selected.   Please see the HR Coordinator for further information on the hiring process. 

Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs: Appointment/Reappointment process should begin at least 1 month prior to the (re)appointment date.  All required forms must be completed in the BPP online system.  Mentor and postdoc signatures are required on the (re)appointment letter.  There is a $250 annual fee applied at (re)appointment of postdocs. This fee is the responsibility of the faculty mentor and should be applied to non-grant funds only. 

International Student & Scholar Services: If you are recruiting someone in need of a visa, please allow enough time for visa processing.  All visa fees are the responsibility of the Principle Investigator. A fund must be provided in iPenn before the request can be processed. 

Timesheets: Hourly paid personnel are required to submit timesheets weekly through Workday.  The deadlines are as follows: Staff submit time card – Thursdays by 8:00 pm; Manager approve time cards – Mondays by 10:00 am; Department approve time cards – Mondays by 1:00 pm.  Staff should not work more than 6 hours without a documented 30 minute break.

Travel & Expense Reimbursements

All non-PEA travel and expense reimbursements are processed in CONCUR. Department specific requirements are listed below. These are in addition to University guidance. If you have questions about your request or need assistance, please contact

  • The Concur reimbursement justification form must be attached to all requests. The approval MUST include the detailed list of travel/other expenses and the fund being used, along with PI signature.
  • Business Justifications need to include the benefit of the purchase or travel directly related to the Lab. If using grant funding, you must also justify why this purchase/travel is necessary to further the research project.
  • Receipts must show status of PAID and, if indicated, SHIPPED; please do not attach invoices or receipts that show ‘not yet shipped’.
  • For travel: attach proof of attendance. Example… ID badge, brochure, etc.
  • Expenses submitted more than 182 days after being incurred will not be reimbursed.

Professional Expense Accounts

Every faculty member is given a PEA fund to use at their discretion.  This fund is set on a fiscal year and funds cannot be carried over year to year.  All requests to use PEA must be submitted by June 1 of the fiscal year you are applying the expense.  PEA policy on allowable expenses is here.

Requests for expense reimbursements on PEA funding must go directly through UPHS – Chrome River for appropriate approvals.  For further information please email Walter Thompson.        


For PSOM facilities assistance with housekeeping, notifications of building issues, requests for paint or updates, please fill in the PSOM Departmental request form and send to the Director, Academic Business Operations for review.  Note: this is for PSOM buildings only.


University Mail and Shipping Services website

For access to eship, please email and a Coordinator will have you added with PI approval.  If you are shipping hazardous materials there is additional training required by EHRS.  Please review their webpage for more information.

Material Transfer Agreements/ Data Transfer Agreements/ Non-Monetary agreements

All non-monetary agreements like MTAs should be entered into RIS by the PI or lab staff.  You should list your Grants Manager as the BA on the form so they are aware.  These go to the Chair for approval first, then the School for the Deans approval before being routed and assigned to appropriate contact.  Please ensure enough time for routing and assignment.