Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism, and Equity Program

Department of Neurology Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism, and Equity (IDARE) Program

IDARE logoMission

To create and sustain a diverse, inclusive, and antiracist culture that ensure equitable engagement with patients and between all members of the Department of Neurology, and which advocates for justice within the University of Pennsylvania, the communities it serves, and beyond.


Penn Neurology will be an antiracist, inclusive, and diverse organization.

Core Values

  • Respect

  • Accountability

  • Cultural Humility

  • Equity

  • Openness to Change


Sudha Kessler

Josh Levine

Sonja Ogden

Ray Price 

 Danielle Sandsmark

Laura Stein


Community and Social Action

Serve the local community by addressing social determinants of neurological health, foster increased trust in Penn Neurology among historically disadvantaged members of our local community, and to normalize participation in social and community actions and advocacy in the Neurology Department. Committee Chairs: Josh Levine & Michael Rubenstein

Equity Education

Provide education and training that ensures that all members of the department feel confident and equipped to address discrimination of any sort in both clinical and nonclinical contexts. Committee Chairs: Natalie Baner & Laura Stein

Intradepartmental Equity

Eliminate equity gaps to create a culture of inclusion for all members of the Department of Neurology. Committee Chairs: Monisha Kumar & Natalie Marciano

Recruitment & Retention

Ensure that Neurology seeks talent from all walks of life and retains that talent by advancing programs that enable all department members to thrive professionally. Committee Chairs: Branch Coslett Atul Kalanuria, Naseem Kerr, Sudha, Kessler, Madeline McNichol, & Ray Price

IDARE Members

Agarwal, Sonika

Aguirre, Geoffrey Anto, Marissa Baldwin, Aaron Banner, Natalie Barber, Danielle Burdett, Rebecca Bustamante, Gabriela Carpenter, Rebecca
Cherwony, Carly Coslett, Branch Cousins-Gershenson, Katheryn Cristanchio, Daniel Cristanchio, Ana Cuddapah, Vishnu Deik, Andres Ehntholt, Mikel Shea Ellis, Colin
Fried, Lawrence Gambrah-Lyles, Claudia Ganguly, Mindy Hadar, Peter Hamedani, Ali Hamilton, Victoria Handy, Marcus Humbert, Kelley

Hurtig, Howard

Jacobs, Dina Jefferson, Ashlie Kaiser, Eric Kalanuria, Atul Kalfin, Michael Karlin, Alexis Kerr, Naseem Kessler, Sudha Khella, Sami
Kimbaris, Grace Kumar, Mona Levine, Joshua Lewis, Sharon Litt, Brian Lamcom, Marrisa Marciano, Natalie Massey, Shavonne

McDonnell, Pamela

McGarvey, Michael McNichol, Madeline Mechanic-Hamilton, Dawn Melamed, Susan Moore, Megan Nieves, Christian Ogden, Sonja Phillips, Richard Pinto, Tony
Price, Ray Pruitt, Amy Raskovsky, Katya Reyes-Esteves, Sahily Rivera-Torres, Noellie Rubenstein, Michael Sandsmark, Danielle Schneider, Andrea

Smith, Doris

Spindler, Meredith Stein, Laura Tropea, Thomas Uzma, Sharif          


To Contact the IDARE Committee for questions, comments, concerns, or to join please email us at


Neurology Virtual Grand Rounds 

Neuro-health disparities in disability - Recorded July 20, 2022 at 12:00p