NGG Live!

Thanks for your interest in NGG Live!  

Although the event has already happened, we have some follow-up resources for you.

What is NGG Live?

This information session will cover questions not answered in your average admissions FAQ.  Ask the experts your questions about the application process and more.

  • What will I get out of a PhD?

  • Am I ready to apply?

  • What classes should I take as an undergrad?

  • How do I get more research experience?

NGG Live will feature presentations and a Q and A with our experts:
  • NGG Chair, Josh Gold

  • NGG Co-Chairs of Admissions, Amelia Eisch and Judy Grinspan

  • NGG's Student Outreach Group, GLIA, will tell you all about the things you can take advantage of outside of the lab.

  • Current NGG students will share their experiences at Penn and the path they took to get here.

Not in Philly?  Not a Problem!

NGG Live will also be live-streamed and virtual participants can ask questions too!  If you can't make it in person or online, the presentation and questions will be recorded and posted here.

Have questions?  Contact the NGG Coordinator.