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NGG's MediaSite for Course Lectures, Seminars, Dissertation Talks, and other videos (Pennkey login required).

A list of Seminar series with neuroscience-related themes on campus, including the weekly MINS Seminar Series (the listing with Journal Club Papers is here).

Journal clubs available to NGG students.

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Confidential Resources for Information, Counseling, and Support

The following University resources are available to members of the University community who seek information and counseling about University policies on sexual harassment, standards of behavior, informal and formal mechanisms for resolving complaints and resources for complainants and respondents. These resource offices are also available to assist members of the University community with making an informal or formal complaint.

The resources listed below are considered confidential, which means that the information shared with these resources generally will be held in confidence, consistent with the University’s obligation to address complaints of sexual harassment, unless the person sharing the information gives his or her consent to the disclosure of that information. The commitment to confidentiality does not preclude the sharing of information among responsible University administrators as needed, including to keep members of the University community safe.

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