The Limited Search Guide

A Limited Search is required for all new appointments to the Academic Clinician Faculty. 

1. Initiate a formal search

2. Establish a formal search committee for each faculty position

  • Search committee should be appointed by the department chair.
  • The search committee will include minimum of three (3) faculty members; ensure membership is diverse to include women and minorities; the Diversity Search Advisor (DSA) may serve on the search committee, but is not required as search committee member. The DSA serves as an advisor to the search committee.
  • Review proposed search committee members with the Search Chair and Diversity Search Advisor (DSA).

Wherever possible, search committees should include individuals from groups underrepresented on the Penn faculty, proponents of diversity, and individuals with clinical and research interests compatible with those sought through the search.

3. Create a faculty position for advertisement

Faculty positions must be advertised and searches conducted in accordance with the Affirmative Action Guidelines and procedures of the University and the Perelman School of Medicine. The position must be posted and published for at least one (1) month before a preferred candidate may be identified and hired for a faculty appointment.

  1. Login to and create the faculty position in Ad Generator 3.0
  2. Submit the position to Interfolio Faculty Search and add the search committee members
  3. Review the position description for accuracy and submit for approval in Interfolio Faculty Search
  4. All faculty applicants must apply online in Interfolio per University policy

Important Search Requirements!

  1. The position must be approved by OAA staff and a Diversity Search Advisor (DSA) before publishing in journals and open to applicants
  2. After DSA approval, the faculty position is posted on the OAA website in Open Faculty Positions
  3. Approved faculty positions will be uploaded automatically from Interfolio Faculty Search to the following publications: ‘Inside Higher Ed’ and ‘Diverse Issues in Higher Education’
  4. The faculty position may be published in additional professional journals for outreach if desired (journals may be either on-line or hard copy publications). The ad placement services with JobElephant may be helpful for publishing your ads.
  5. Additional outreach should be conducted to women’s and minority organizations to expand and diversify the applicant pool: Diverse Advertising Resources
  6. The faculty position and search letter are valid for up to two (2) years

To close a position before the two (2)-year expiration date, please email the Office of Academic Affairs (FAPD).