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Effective Poster Design

Are you trying to create a poster to explain your research project to others? Are you wondering how to create a powerful visual statement without learning new software? This offering will explore how to design your poster in PowerPoint including useful tips and common DOs and DON’Ts. Basic proficiency in PowerPoint is required.

The Mobile Researcher: Apple HealthKit and Data Liberation at Penn

Learn about the technology behind Medicine Apple HealthKit and Apple search Kit and discuss the best ways to support skill and competency development for researchers.

NIH Grant Writing

This session will cover tips and strategies for NIH grant writing success, such as selecting the best funding institute and/or study section to review your proposal and techniques for selling your scientific ideas to reviewers.

Writing an Article for Publication: The Results Section

The results text narrates the story that the figures tell visually. A well-written results section does not repeat in words what the figures or tables present; it describes the experiments that were performed and the logical connections between them. This session will focus on relating the results text to the figures in a way that tells a compelling scientific story.

Writing an Article for Publication: The Discussion Section

The Discussion answers the question posed in the Introduction, explains how the results support the answer, and shows how the answer fits in with existing knowledge. Good discussions rely on making sound arguments. This session will focus on four elements of a sound argument: claims, evidence, warrants, and qualifications.

Writing an Article for Publication: The Introduction Section

The Introduction orients and motivates readers. It must also make a contract with the reader that a question will be answered. Introductions are the most structured part of a paper and readers expect certain elements in a certain order. This session will focus on constructing Introductions with the important elements in the right order.

Writing an Article for Publication: The Abstract Section

The Abstract provides a clear, concise overview of a paper. It presents the main story and a few essential details. A good abstract sorts readers - allows them to decide if they want to read the paper or skip the paper - by persuading them in the first few sentences. Increasingly, journal editors and reviewers are using the abstract to triage submitted manuscripts. This session will focus on writing excellent abstracts.

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