Micro-CT Imaging Core

Equipment Usage Policy

Please acknowledge the funding source of Micro-CT imaging Core: Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders (NIH/NIAMS P30 AR069619).

  1. Please discuss with the Core manager, Wei-Ju Louis Tseng, before beginning each new project in order to optimize CT usage.
  2. Please discuss with Dr. Sherry Liu if you have in vivo experiment
  3. Radiation Safety-Cabinet X-Ray Training-EHRS is a required training for all users. Please take this training, print the certificate and send it to the core manager (pdf is fine).
  4. Pre-scheduled appointments (Calendars) on both CT systems between 8am and 5pm will be limited to no more than 4 hours per user per day, 20 hours per lab per week. There will be no restrictions after hours and weekend appointments. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis upon email request to the core manager.
  5. No repeated scheduling and no scheduling out more than two months in advance without special permission from the core manager.
  6. Individuals who fail to show up for appointments (no-show) will be charged for the full scheduled appointment time. If you no-show for a scheduled appointment more than 3 times you will be removed from the calendar and unable to use the Micro-CTs until further notice.
  7. If you need to cancel your scheduled appointment time you MUST notify the core manager via email two hours prior to appointment start or you will be charged a no-show fee for full scheduled appointment time.
  8. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, then the core managershould be notified. Appointments more than 30 minutes late without first notifying the core manager risk losing the entire appointment time period, and will be considered no-shows and you will becould be charged a no-show fee for the full scheduled appointment time.
  9. Please record the time you begin scanning, and the time you finish scanning for all subsequent scans on the log book in the microCT room to record the amount of time the x-ray beam is in use.
  10. Failure to abide by the scheduling policies, such as repeated tardiness, over or underbooking, and lack of payment will result in immediate suspension from microCT use. MicroCT use will be monitored 24 hours/day by the core manager.
  11. Clean up after you use the CT scanner including keeping the prep area clear and using ethanol spray to clean out scan tubes for ┬ÁCT 35.
  12. On your scheduling title, you MUST follow the scheduling format. PI's initial: your name_Purpose_Scan Only/Analysis Only/Both/Backup Only_your phone number. Eg. XSL: Louis Calibration Scan/Analysis 012-345-7890.
  13. RSQ file will be backed up within one month after scanning and ISQ files will  be backed up in two months after scanning.
  14. If you have an imminent deadline and need special support from the core, please contact Dr. X. Sherry Liu.

Please feel free to email the core manager if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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