Micro-CT Imaging Core

Equipment Usage Policy

Please acknowledge the funding source of Micro-CT imaging Core: Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders (NIH/NIAMS P30 AR069619)Failure to abide by the scheduling policies, such as repeated tardiness, over or underbooking, and lack of payment will result in immediate suspension from microCT use.

Booking Policies for µCT Scanner:

  • Label your Google calendar event “PI’s initial_your PennKey_purpose (e.g.: scan only)_Phone Number”, e.g.: XSL_yiluz_scan & analysis_1234567890
  • 30 min “No Scan” is NOT allowed. Adjust your reservation if your plans change!
  • No restrictions for off-hours (< 9am or > 5pm) & weekend & holidays
  • No restrictions for in vivo (live animal) scanning.
  • Currently, no restrictions for vivaCT 80 and µCT 45.
  • Scanning user always has priority over “analysis only” user.
  • For µCT 35 & vivaCT 40:
    Only 4 hours maximum is allowed per lab per weekday (9-1pm or 1-5pm). No restrictions for off-hours (< 9am or > 5pm) & weekend & holidays.
    (Exception: On your scanning day, you can reserve if additional time is available.)

Scanning Policies:

  • Sample naming: Starts with PI’s initial + user’s initial or first name or pennkey (for billing purposes)
  • All in vivo µCT scans require IACUC approval
  • In the case of error messages that you couldn't handle, please capture photos of the error message, and send to pcmd.microct@gmail.com
  • Any scan extending 10 min into other user’s period will be stopped by manager
  • After CT scanner use, please:
    • Clean up the bench and sample tubes (70% Ethanol spray bottle)
    • Do NOT turn off the CT scanner
    • Do NOT log out the system
    • Samples will be trashed if left over 2 days after scanning

Data Storage Policies:

  • Image files will be removed from servers to offline tapes within 3 months after scanning.
    (If you are still analyzing samples scanned 3 months ago, please let us know in advance!)
  • Retrieving image files from tapes is very time consuming and depends on the availability of both tape drive and server space, please request tape file retrieval at least 7 days in advance!
    (File request form can be downloaded in the Internal Resources.)
  • Google Drive auto-share: Requested files will be removed (from Google drive) 14 days after sharing

Feel free to email pcmd.microct@gmail.com if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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