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· Notices of Grant Award (NGA) are the legal documents issued to notify the grantee that an award has been made and that funds may be requested from the HHS payment system.

· Financial Policy Manual: 2104 Negotiation of Award
· Financial Policy Manual: 2105 Acceptance of Award
· Financial Policy Manual: 2106 Financial Responsibility

· Specify the terms and conditions of an award


· Deans
· Center and Institute Directors
· Department Chairs
· School of Medicine Administration
· School of Medicine Faculty/Investigators
· Business Administrators
· Office of Research Support Services
· Penn Research Services

· A NGA can assume the form of a formal contract, grant, cooperative agreement, or business letter.
· Sponsor supported research cannot be conducted until a NGA has been fully executed. The only exception is if an advance account has been approved in which the department accepts responsibility for all cost incurred until the NGA is received.
· Only Research Services is authorized to sign Notices of Award on behalf of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
· Federal Regulations: OMB Circulars A21, A110, A133
· Agency Policies: NIH Grants Policy Statement
· Questions you should consider are:

1. Does this award fall under Federal Demonstration Project (FDP)?
2. Does this award fall under Streamlined Non-Competing Award Process (SNAP)?
3. Are there any spending limitations (i.e. travel, reprints, equipment)?
4. What are the reporting requirements?
5. If program income is applicable, what is the reporting requirement?
6. How does it compare with proposal? Are there any restrictions as well as period of performance?

· Research Services reviews all NGA for compliance with Penn policy. Once the NGA is fully executed a copy is emailed to the BA with the AIS.
· BA/Grants Manager thoroughly reads and familiarizes themselves with the terms and conditions of the award. Pay particular attention to the following areas:(

Dates of the budget period
Name of the PI
Dollars committed or obligated
Future year commitments
Cost sharing
Restrictions on spending
Reporting obligations
Payment to the University
"75 Percent Spent" rule
Review proposal for which award is made

· Contact Research Services if you do not understand the terms and conditions (Research Services)
· Inform the PI that a NGA has been received and discuss the terms and conditions of the award
· Maintain NGA in an active grant folder or binder

· Departmental Business Administrators
· Office of Research Support Services
· Research Services

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