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· To establish a process to enable grants managers to transfer research funds from one department to another


· For both external and internal reporting purposes, the department of the Principal Investigator's primary appointment will always be designated. An award may be designated to a department other than that of the Principal Investigator with approval of both affected department chairpersons. For a complete description of the policy

Refer to Policy Concerning the Designation of Sponsored Program Activity dated 2/23/93.


· To allow for the transfer of administrative responsibility of a fund from one department/center/institute to another


· School of Medicine Administration
· Department Chairs
· School of Medicine Faculty/Investigators
· Business Administrators
· Office of Research Support Services
· Penn Research Services


Transfers of funds generally occur when a principal investigator (PI) moves from one department to another or where there is a change of principal investigator. Refer to Change of PI SOP. When a Business Administrator (BA) learns that a PI will be transferring, the BA should contact the BA in the new department to discuss how the transition will be handled.

· Which funds will be transferred: are there funds that are expiring which should remain with the former department? For example, timing issues such as a project ending in two months, you may not want to transfer this fund.

· What is an appropriate timeframe for transferring funds: Should funds remain with the current department until the next budget period? For example, you do not want to transfer a fund with one month remaining in the project period due to time needed to process these requests (i.e. continuation year of same project)

· Once the above is determined, the responsibility of the current department includes:

· Reviewing charges on fund to ensure that fund has been charged properly and correcting charges as appropriate;
· How continuing costs will be handled while the transfer is in process;
· Once the fund has been reconciled and a determination has been made that all charges are appropriate, submit the following materials to the new department: proposal; notices of grant award; additional grant administration materials not included in the notice of grant award such as miscellaneous correspondence, expenditure receipts, etc.; current 103 FinMIS report (do not enter a CREF when entering report parameters), salary management report for the fund. (Similar reports from Business Objects may be provided in lieu of FINMIS reports.)

· Once the above has been completed, the responsibility of the new department includes:

· Reviewing materials provided by the current department. New department needs to alert the current department of any concerns (such as overdrafts) before finalizing the "Grant and Contract FinMIS Remapping Request" (Refer to Remapping SOP).

· Coordinate with the former department the submission of the Grant and Contract FinMIS Remapping Request to ORSS


Departmental Business Administrators
Office of Research Support Services
Penn Research Services

2/17/00 memo from Dan McCollum and Marianne Achenbach


Refer to Wayward Transactions SOP
Refer to Closeout SOP
Refer to Cost Transfer SOP
Refer to Remapping Account Numbers
Refer to AIS SOP

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