Orthopedics Engineering Lab

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The research in the orthopedic engineering lab strives to collect, organize, and analyze quantifiable data associate with pediatric musculoskeletal conditions. We aim to provide orthopedic surgeons with reproducible and reliable information to facilitate patient diagnosis, treatment decision making, and surgical maneuver. As part of our research and through collaboration with orthopedic surgeons, we deliver medical devices, softwares, and analytical tools that can be readily used in orthopedic clinics.  

Research interests

Biomechanics, Medical Devices, Machine learning and AI, Medical Imaging, Gait and Motion

Scoliosis and Spine Research

Spine 3DThe scoliosis and spine research at the orthopedic engineering lab explores both conservative and surgical treatment options for pediatric spine conditions. We develop innovative technology to better understand and treat pediatric spinal conditions. Through biomechanical analysis and data driven models, our research delivers outcome-based classification to guide treatment.

Conditions we investigate include adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and early onset scoliosis. 


Hip and Lower Limb Research

Lower Limbs3D modeling of the knee and hip joint are used to determine the bone alignment before and after the surgery. Quantitative measurements greatly helps the physicians to follow-up with the patients and evaluate the outcomes of the surgery. Through computational models, such as finite element analysis and dynamic musculoskeletal models, we also investigate the changes in the mechanical force of the joint as the result of the pathology development or surgical intervention. This specifically help to guide treatment techniques in the future.

Conditions we investigate include infantile hip dysplasia, lower limb deformity, ACL rupture, and osteochondritis dissecans of the knee.


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