Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders

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Biomechanics Core

Director: Michael Hast, Ph.D.



Research Specialist:
Chet Friday

Research Specialist:
Brendan Stoeckl

Undergraduate Research Assistant:
Majd Ayyad



Undergraduate Research Assistant:
Jimin Jung

The overall objective of this Biomechanics Core (BC) is to develop and utilize a wide range of biomechanical approaches to evaluate musculoskeletal tissue damage and repair, and to provide training and funding for new projects and collaborations utilizing these assays.  Succinctly, our overarching aims are:

  • To provide guidance and training on the capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages of the various methodologies to assess musculoskeletal tissue biomechanical function through formal educational enrichment programs and one-on-one interactions.
  • To provide expertise and service for biomechanical assays of musculoskeletal tissues.
  • To develop new biomechanical testing techniques that will be applicable to musculoskeletal research.
  • To provide funding for development of new projects and collaborations and to develop preliminary and/or feasibility data for investigators.

Successful completion of these aims will significantly enhance the environment and the capabilities of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, leading to new approaches to address musculoskeletal disorders and new collaborations between Center faculties who may have not previously included biomechanical function approaches in their musculoskeletal research programs.


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