Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders

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Use of Core Facilities During Current COVID-19 Lockdown Phases:

  • We are currently evaluating how to re-initiate training of new users on core equipment by reviewing Penn Fall Semester Phase Guidelines

  • If you have been previously trained:

    1. Contact Rob/Snehal to indicate your desire to use core equipment

    2. Finish Research Resumption Training on KnowledgeLink

    3. Sign up for Penn Open OnePass

    4. Refer to McKay Phase II Protocols

      • Let Snehal know you have completed steps 1-4
      • Snehal will send invitation to Google Calendar named “2_Phase II Overflow”
        1. Not more than 10 signups at a given time
        2. Ensure someone will be in lab for the period you have signed up
        3. Make sure to have your own lab coat, safety glasses, and mask (surgical or Penn-provided only)
        4. Sign up format: PCMD:<PI last name>:<your Pennkey>:<10-digit phone number>
  1. Sign up on equipment calendar as you do normally

    1. To use Polarizing Scope, Instron 5543, or Instron 5542b
      1. Snehal will share bay calendar named “365B: Mechanical Testing:Polarizing Scope”
      2. Sign up for this calendar and the equipment you are using
      3. Make sure there are not more than 2 sign-ups for the bay

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