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Please acknowledge the funding source of Micro-CT imaging Core:
Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders (NIH/NIAMS P30 AR069619)

There are 4 micro-CT systems in our lab: the Scanco Medical µCT 35µCT 45 and the Scanco Medical vivaCT 40, vivaCT 80. The µCT 35 and µCT 45 are specimen systems with best resolution of 3.0 µm; the vivaCT 40 and vivaCT 80 are preclinical systems with best resolution of 10.4 µm. All these micro-CT systems are used to examine diverse materials such as bone samples and medical implants. Currently, the µCT 35 and µCT 45 are used to study the trabecular bone structure of tibiae, femora, and vertebrae harvested from rats and mice, whereas the vivaCT 40 and vivaCT 80 are used to scan rats in vivo under anesthesia, rat and mouse humeri, pellets, and medical devices.

Model µCT 35 µCT 45 vivaCT 40 vivaCT 80





Use ex vivo specimen ex vivo specimen in vivo animal in vivo animal
X-ray Energy 45, 55, 70 kVP 45, 55, 70, 90 kVP 45, 55, 70 kVP 45, 55, 70 kVP
Max Scan Size Ø37.9mm x 120mm  Ø50mm x 120mm Ø38.9mm x 145mm Ø80mm x 145mm
Max Sample Size Ø75.8mm x 140mm Ø90mm x 120mm Ø80mm x 500mm Ø90mm x 500mm
Best Image Voxel Size 3.5µm (Ø: 7mm) 3.0µm (Ø: 9mm) 10.5µm (Ø: 21.5mm) 10.4µm (Ø: 31.9mm)
Location 335A Stemmler Hall 335A Stemmler Hall 368C Stemmler Hall 368B Stemmler Hall



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