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The microCT imaging Core is supported by Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders (NIH/NIAMS P30 AR069619). The core is located in Stemmler Hall (3rd Floor). This core facility consists of two in vivo small animal microCT image systems (Scanco vivaCT 40, Scanco vivaCT 80), two ultra-high resolution specimen microCT imaging system (Scanco µCT 35, Scanco µCT 45), three HP Integrity rx2660 workstations, two HP Integrity rx2800 workstations, and 145TB storage space. Special thanks to Dr. Hyun-duck Nah-Cederquist who kindly joined her micro-CT server into our server cluster. The efficiency of image reconstruction and analysis has been increased 50%.

Our microCT imaging core facility is only open to members of Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders. In order to get the access, the principal investigator of the laboratory needs to send an application including an NIH biosketch and a short paragraph of ways that you would like to be involved with our center. The detailed instructions of how to become a member is listed here:

Once PI of the laboratory becomes a PCMD member, users can register our monthly new user training:

Rates and Fees

Each user should ensure that their respective labs have the means through which to pay this fee, and will be required to setup the appropriate contacts with the Core prior to scheduling scan time.

Training rate (Effective March 1, 2014):

The rate will be $100 fee for the first user of the new group. The rate of the rest users of the same group will be $50 fee.

Equipment rate (Effective June 16, 2014): $25/hour

The rate will be $25/hour fee based on the past few months of CT usage such that we will be able to keep up with maintenance and part replacement.

This fee applies only to the time for scanning your sample. The name of your scanning sample MUST start with PI's initial or you may be charged an extra fee. Please understand that depending on the usage and future requirements of the MicroCT Imaging Core, we may need to change or increase this fee in the future.

Special Support rate (Effective February 1, 2014): $50/hour

The rate will include equipment using and analysis. Please contact for the details.

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