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The overall objective of the PCMD MicroCT Imaging Core is to develop and apply a wide range of standard and innovative µCT imaging approaches to evaluate musculoskeletal tissue development, disease, injury and repair, and to provide training and funding for new projects and collaborations utilizing these approaches. Specifically, our aims are:

  • To provide guidance and training on the capabilities, advantages, and limitations of using µCT imaging methods for musculoskeletal research through formal educational enrichment programs, online educational tutorials, and one-on-one interactions.
  • To provide a range of µCT imaging resources, expertise, and services for the study of the structure, function, and physiology of the musculoskeletal system in laboratory animals and humans.
  • To develop new µCT imaging-based techniques that support emerging needs and catalyze innovative musculoskeletal research.
  • To provide funding for the development of novel, exploratory projects and collaborations, and to acquire preliminary and/or feasibility data for junior and senior investigators to seek external funding.

By implementing these aims, the PCMD MicroCT Imaging Core will continue to serve as a unique and indispensable resource for researchers at UPenn, the Philadelphia region, and neighboring states, catalyzing innovative and high impact musculoskeletal research, and stimulating new collaborations between current and new PCMD members who may have not previously included µCT imaging approaches in their musculoskeletal research programs.

Management Team:

X. Sherry Liu, PhD

Technical Director:
Yilu Zhou, PhD


Our contact email:

The PCMD MicroCT Imaging Core is supported by Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders (NIH/NIAMS P30 AR069619)

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