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Pendergrass Symposium

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David A. Mankoff, MD, PhD

Session I: Plenary

Moderator: James C. Gee, PhD & Walter R. Witschey, PhD

Unfolding the Medial Temporal Lobe to Characterize Neurodegeneration Due to Alzheimer's Disease
Sadhana Ravikumar, MSc


The Federated Tumor Segmentation (FeTS) Initiative: The First Real-World
Large-Scale Federation

Sarthak Pati, MSc


Sensitivity of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Detection of Solid Organ Injuries
in Young Children

M. Kate Henry, MD, MSCE


Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in a Porcine Model of Pediatric Extracorporeal
Membrane Oxygenation

Colbey W. Freeman, MD


Using CD69 PET Imaging to Monitor Immunotherapy-Induced Immune Activation
Kimberly Joanna Edwards, BA


Virtual Reality for Image-Based Quantitative Assessment of the Aortic Root
Michael Kaiyuan Lu, BA


Development of pH Sensitive Probes for In Vivo Cerenkov Imaging
Andrea E. Guzman, BS


Endogenous versus Exogenous Ketosis to Suppress Myocardial Glucose Uptake on

Senthil Selvaraj, MD, MA

Session II: Poster Mad-Minute - Summa Cum Laude Winners

Moderator: Chandra Sehgal, PhD


1.    Can We See Unruptured AVMs on Non-Contrast Head CT?
       Raghav Ram Mattay, MD

2.    TAE with Lactate Dehydrogenase Inhibitor Provides Survival Benefit as Compared
       to Bland Embolization

       Alexey Gurevich, BS, MS 

3.    Clinical Use of 68Ga-DOTATATE PET/CT for Diagnosis and Response Assessment
       in Cardiac Sarcoidosis 

       Hwan Lee, MD 

4.    Radiomic Phenotyping of the Lung Parenchyma: Feasibility Study in a Screening Cohort
       Babak Haghighi, PhD 

5.    Diagnosing Midgut Volvulus in Infants
       Luis Octavio Tierradentro-Garcia, MD 

6.    Development of a Robust Radiomic Biomarker of PDL1 and PFS After First-Line
       Immunotherapy for NSCLC

      Apurva Singh, M. Tech, MS 

7.   Implementation of a Chest CT Educational Module for COVID-19 using RedCap Software:
      Outcomes and App

      Daniel M. DePietro, MD 

8.   Cortical Pore Water is Associated with Stiffness and Mineral Density in Human
      Cadaveric Femora

       Brandon Clinton Jones, BS 

9.   Tumor Immune Infiltration in Humanized Patient-Derived Xenograft Models of
      Hepatocellular Carcinoma

       Kelley Weinfurtner, MD 

10.   Hypoxic Microenvironment Enhances Cytotoxicity of Novel Metabolic Inhibitor in
       Hepatocellular Carcin

        Nicholas R. Perkons, MD, PhD Candidate (presented by Jennifer A. Crainic, BA)

Session III: Awards & Recognitions

Moderator: Despina Kontos, PhD


  • Resident Quality & Safety Award-presented by Scott O. Trerotola, MD
  • Recognition of Research Track Chief Resident-presented by David A. Mankoff, MD, PhD
  • Roentgen Research Award-presented by David A. Mankoff, MD, PhD

Harvey Nisenbaum Award for Medical Imaging Research at PPMC
Introduction: Friedrich Knollman, MD

Evaluation of Head CT Bone Image Quality Prior to Implementation of a Polytrauma CT Protocol
Allan Wang, MD
Neuroradiology Fellow


14th Annual Sridhar R. Charagundla Lecture

Introduction: David A. Mankoff, MD, PhD and Recipient's Mentor: James Delikatny, PhD

Fluorescent ChoK╬▒ Inhibitor for Intraoperative Tumor Imaging in Veterinary Clinical Trial
Sofya Osharovich, PhD Candidate


46th Annual Eugene P. Pendergrass Lecture

Introduction: Mitchell D. Schnall, MD, PhD

Building on a Career in Academic Radiology: Should You Put Your Eggs in More than One Basket?

Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhD, FSPIE, FSIIM, FATA, FAIMBE  
Professor and Vice-Chair for Research
Emory University in the Departments of Radiology & Imaging Sciences, Psychology,
and Medical Informatics
Atlanta, GA


Session III:  Virtual Poster Session

This year, please join us in an interactive, virtual environment where symposium attendees will be able
to visit different rooms and meet with poster presenters to discuss their research and ask questions. 

To access the session, click here:
Password: pendergrass (case sensitive)

Poster presentations will be available for review in Penn Box beginning June 9th. We encourage
symposium attendees to view the presentations in advance of the poster session. To view a list of presentation titles
by room, click here.