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Kimberly Wodzanowski, Ph.D.

Department of Microbiology,
University of Pennsylvania


2017 B.S. Chemical Biology; Environmental Science – Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA

2022 Ph.D. Chemistry and Biochemistry – University of Delaware – Newark, DE

2022 – Present PennPORT Fellow, Department of Microbiology – University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

Research Mentor: Sunny Shin, Ph.D.

Research Topic: Investigating inflammasome activation in response to pathogenic bacteria

Teaching Interests: General Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Biology, Immunology, Chemistry and/or Biology for Non-Science Majors


Wodzanowski, K.A., Anonick, M.V., Genova, L.A., Kloxin, A.M., Grimes, C.L. “Bringing Pasteur back to life: Studying the biochemistry of yeast fermentation through discussion groups and an at-home lab.” Submitted to CourseSource.

Bharadwaj, R., Lusi, C.F.*, Mashayekh, S.*, Nagar, A.*, Subbarao, M., Kane, G.I., Wodzanowski, K.A., Brown, A.R., Okuda, K., Rangnathan, P., Monahan, A., Paik, D., Nandy, A., Anonick, M.V., Goldman, W.E., Kanneganti, T., Orzalli, M., Grimes C.L., Atukorale, P.U., Silverman, N. “Methotrexate inhibition of muropeptide transporter SLC46A2 controls psoriatic skin inflammation”. Submitted to Nature Immunology.

Wodzanowski, K.A., Brown, A.R., Hyland, S.N., Ratna, S., Sandles, L.D., Grimes, C.L. “Concentration dependent cell wall remodeling with N-acetyl muramic acid probes for bacterial peptidoglycan metabolic labeling”. Submitted to Methods in Molecular Biology.

Wodzanowski, K.A., Hyland, S.N., Chinthamani, S., Sandals, L.D., Honma, K., Sharma, A., Grimes, C.L. (2022). “Investigating Peptidoglycan Recycling Pathways in Tannerella forsythia with NAcetylmuramic Acid Bioorthogonal Probes”.  ACS Infectious Diseases.

Wodzanowski, K.A., Caplan, J.L., Kloxin, A.M., Grimes, C.L. (2022). “Multiscale invasion assay for probing macrophage response to Gram-negative bacteria”.  Frontiers in Chemistry.

Brown, A.R., Wodzanowski, K.A., Santiago, C.S., Hyland, S.N., Follmar, J.L., Assare-Okai, P., Grimes, C.L. (2021). “Protected N-acetyl muramic acid probes for improved bacterial peptidoglycan incorporation via metabolic labeling”. ACS Chemical Biology.

Taylor, J., Santiago, C., Gray, J., Wodzanowski, K.A., DeMeester, K.E., Biboy, J., Vollmer, W., Grimes, C.L., Salama, N. (2021).  “Localizing peptidoglycan synthesis in Helicobacter pylori using clickable metabolic probes”. Current Protocols.

Bersch, K.L.*, DeMeester, K.E.*, Zagani, R., Chen, S., Wodzanowski, K.A., Liu, S., Mashayekh, S., Reinecker, H.C., Grimes, C.L. (2021). “Peptidoglycan fragments differentially regulate innate immune signaling.” ACS Central Science.       

Wodzanowski, K.A.*, Cassel S.E.*, Grimes, C.L., Kloxin, A.M. (2020). “Tools for probing host-bacteria interactions in the gut microenvironment: from molecular to cellular levels.” Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters. *=co-first authorship

DeMeester, K.E.*, Liang, H.*, Zhou, J.*, Wodzanowski, K.A.*, Prather, B.L., Santiago, C.C., Grimes, C.L. (2019). “Metabolic incorporation of N-acetyl muramic acid probes into bacterial peptidoglycan.” Current Protocols in Chemical Biology. *=co-first authorship



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