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Tess Cherlin, Ph.D.

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,
University of Pennsylvania


2011 B.S. Biochemistry – Syracuse University – Syracuse NY

2022 Ph.D. Genetics, Genomics, and Cancer Biology – Jefferson University – Philadelphia, PA

2022 – Present PennPORT Fellow, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

Research Mentor: Primary: Shefali Setia-Verma, PhD, Co-mentor: Anuja Dokras, MD

Research Topic: Investigating women’s health and disease using multiomics approaches

Teaching Interests: Introductory Biology, Introductory Bioinformatics, Statistics for Biologists, Coding for Life Scientists, Genomics, Computational Biology, Data Science, Data Visualization, Science Communication, Cancer Biology, Cancer Genetics


Magee R., Telonis A.G., Cherlin T., et al. Assessment of isomiR Discrimination Using Commercial qPCR Methods. Non-Coding RNA 3(2):18 (2017).

Cherlin, T., Magee, R., Jing, Y. et al. Ribosomal RNA fragmentation into short RNAs (rRFs) is modulated in a sex- and population of origin-specific manner. BMC Biol 18, 38 (2020).

Cherlin, T., Jing, Y., Pliatsika, V., et al. Different miRNA isoforms, tRNA-derived fragments, and rRNA-derived fragments are enriched in different subcellular compartments in different cell types. (Nature Biotechnology, 2022 (In Review)).

Truong, V.Q., Woerner, J.A. Cherlin, T., et al. Quality Control Procedures for Genome-Wide Association Studies. (Current Protocols in Human Genetics, 2022 (In preparation)).


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