Carol Deutsch, PhD

Professor Of Physiology

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650A Clinical Research Building

415 Curie Boulevard

Philadelphia, PA 19104


Fax: 215-573-2273

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Faculty Spotlight

October 2015

Carol Deutsch, PhD

The Deutsch laboratory has had a long-standing interest in the biophysics and physiology of potassium ion channels. Carol Deutsch, Ph.D. is an expert in the electrophysiology of Kv potassium channels, publishing in this area for many years. More recently she instigated and pioneered comprehensive investigations of Kv biogenesis and the physico-chemical properties of the ribosomal exit tunnel. The Deutsch laboratory is the only one studying the early stages of folding of Kv proteins and one of a few laboratories studying the functional biophysical properties of the exit tunnel.

Having begun her career in chemistry, and then ion channels, Carol brings a unique perspective to the fields of Kv biogenesis, translation, ribosome function, and protein folding, and an arsenal of tools for addressing new hypotheses. Indeed, the Deutsch lab has invented novel approaches to understand what is happening inside ribosomal tunnels, including pegylation assays, intramolecular crosslinking assays to explore tertiary folding, methods for determining electrostatic potentials, accessibility, and transit times.

Carol’s work in the field of Kv biophysics and biogenesis, protein folding and the ribosome is widely recognized, as evidenced by invitations to speak at national and international meetings. Her extensive collaborations across the Penn campus testify the multi-disciplinary aspects of her work. Carol has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles in top-ranked journals, including Neuron, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, the Journal of General Physiology, PNAS, the Journal of Cell Biology, and many more.

Carol has served in leadership positions in scientific societies and on study sections. She is very active in Departmental and Graduate Group affairs, and she is the Head of the Departmental Committee on Appointments and Promotions. Carol is the heart and soul of the ion channel community, running a bi-weekly Ion Channel journal club (that she also teaches as a course) that attracts faculty, fellows and students from institutions across the Philadelphia region. Her teaching prowess is impressive to all. She has won the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award as well as the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Education. Carol deserves many more awards, but fortunately for the rest of us, they wanted to spread the wealth around.

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