J. Kevin Foskett, PhD

Isaac Ott Professor

Chair of Physiology

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Lab: 215-898-0468


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Welcome from the Chair

May 2014

Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to the Department of Physiology in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Our Department is devoted to research, training, and education and strives to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and academic development. The Department’s internationally recognized faculty, in conjunction with post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and staff, use innovative tools to uncover physical and chemical mechanisms of biological processes. Our frontiers span the molecular to organ level to determine how the human body functions in health and disease.

We welcome your interest and invite you to spend time on our site. Visit the “Our Faculty” page to learn about the depth and breadth of our research interests; search the “Our Department” page to learn more about physiology, how it’s supported by our administrative staff, and discover some history of the department in the process. Be sure to check the “Events” page frequently to stay current on our upcoming seminars and events. Feel free to contact us if we can provide additional information.

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