Diversity & Inclusion

Committee on Diversity and Inclusion Department of Physiology

The study of physiology, how living systems function from the sub-cellular level to the whole organism, benefits from diverse technical approaches and conceptual insights to create groundbreaking paradigms and research advances.  The root of this benefit is diversity, not only of training but also of thought and background. The best way to foster diversity is to build an inclusive and supportive research community.

Mission Statement

Ongoing events across our country and locally have brought into sharp focus the injustices and inequalities that our colleagues and neighbors face. We will not settle for the status quo. Toward this end, Penn Physiology has formed a committee to implement new practices to continually improve diversity and inclusivity and to advocate for equal access and support for career opportunities for the next generation of scientists.

Our goal is to provide resources and outlets for teaching, training, mentorship, collaborations, and meetings in our Department. Specifically, this Committee has inaugurated a set of initiatives focusing on (1) implementation of implicit bias training sessions with extensive cross-department discussions, (2) introduction of DOPAMINE, a platform that supports and encourages scientific, professional, and interpersonal development  (3) institution of a seminar series featuring extraordinary scientists from diverse backgrounds, and (4) outreach to young scientists from diverse backgrounds for departmental sponsored research experiences.

Our events are centered around supporting the faculty, staff, and students of the Physiology Department, while encouraging undergraduate and high school students to participate as well. We hope our Department will be a model for the University of Pennsylvania, and the extended academic community, and will demonstrate the power of an inclusive environment as a catalyst for outstanding research.

Committee Co-Chairs:

* Erika Holzbaur - Professor


* Melike Lakadamyali – Associate Professor 



Postdoctoral Members:

* Robert Cail - Goldman/Ostap Lab


* Juliet Goldsmith - Holzbaur Lab


* Sierra Palumbos - Holzbaur Lab


* Jillian Weissenrieder - Foskett Lab


* Jaclyn Welles - Titchenell Lab

Faculty Members:

* Carol Deutsch - Professor

Staff Members:

* Jody Dantzig - Goldman Lab


* Angela Taylor - Business Office

Graduate Student Members:

* Charles Bond - Lakadamyali Lab


* Adriana Santiago-Ruiz - Lakadamyali Lab


* Fred Fregoso - Dominguez Lab

Diversity and Inclusion Resources


Student organizations

Resources for information, counseling and support

Resources for reporting bias, discrimination and harassment