Paul Titchenell

Associate Professor

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Smilow Center for Translational Research

3400 Civic Center Blvd, Room: 12-104

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Research Description

My research interests are focused on the regulation of metabolism by hormones and nutrients, with a particular emphasis on the master regulators of organismal metabolism, insulin and glucose. Alterations in insulin and glucose signaling underlie metabolic disease and lead to the development of deadly vascular and neuronal complications. Through the use of various techniques encompassing molecular biology, biochemistry, metabolomics, genome-wide transcriptional techniques and whole-animal physiology, the long-term goals of my research program are to decipher the underlying mechanisms driving metabolic deregulation during disease and identify new therapies that improve metabolic control.

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

  • Dr. Titchenell is particularly involved and committed to training the next generation of biomedical scientists. He is an active member of graduate education at Penn and serve on numerous committees including admission, thesis and examination committees. Additionally, Dr. Titchenell is passionate about supporting underrepresented minorities (URM) in biomedical science and is actively engaged in mentoring students and postdoctoral fellows from underrepresented backgrounds in his laboratory. Providing high-quality mentorship and training to students/fellows is an integral part of Dr. Titchenell’s academic mission
Degrees & Education

BS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Dickinson College, 2008

PhD, Physiology, Pennsylvania State University, 2013

Honors & Awards

2018-2019 McCabe Fellow Award

2016-2020 Career Development Award NIDDK

2015 Rising Star in Metabolism and Diabetes University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

2015 Keystone Symposia Scholarship (NIDDK), J6 Diabetes and Metabolic Dysfunction, Santa Fe, NM

2013 NRSA Fellowship NIDDK

Other Perelman School of Medicine Affiliations

Institute for Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism

Pennsylvania Muscle Institute

Professional Affiliations

American Diabetes Association

American Physiology Society

Recent Publications
October 24, 2023
Re-epithelialization of Diabetic Skin and Mucosal Wounds is Rescued by Treatment with Epigenetic Inhibitors
Paul Titchenell, Ph.D.
Yang B, Alimperti S, Gonzalez MV, Dentchev T, Kim M, Suh J, Titchenell PM, Ko KI, Seykora J, Benakanakere M, Graves DT. - DOI: 10.2337/db23-0258
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May 16, 2022
Global-run on sequencing identifies Gm11967 as an Akt-dependent long noncoding RNA involved in insulin sensitivity.
Paul Titchenell, Ph.D.
Santoleri D, Lim HW, Emmett MJ, Stoute J, Gavin MJ, Sostre-Colón J, Uehara K, Welles JE, Liu KF, Lazar MA, Titchenell PM. iScience. 2022 May 16;25(6):104410. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2022.104410. PMID: 35663017; PMCID: PMC9156944
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May 2, 2022
Acute Deletion of the FOXO1-dependent Hepatokine FGF21 Does not Alter Basal Glucose Homeostasis or Lipolysis in Mice
Paul Titchenell, Ph.D.
Sostre-Colón J, Gavin MJ, Santoleri D, Titchenell PM. DOI: 10.1210/endocr/bqac035
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April 15, 2022
Inhibition of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in mice by selective inhibition of mTORC1
Paul Titchenell, Ph.D.
Gosis BS, Wada S, Thorsheim C, Li K, Jung S, Rhoades JH, Yang Y, Brandimarto J, Li L, Uehara K, Jang C, Lanza M, Sanford NB, Bornstein MR, Jeong S, Titchenell PM, Biddinger SB, Arany Z DOI: 10.1126/science.abf8271
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February 28, 2022
Activation of Liver mTORC1 Protects Against NASH via Dual Regulation of VLDL-TAG Secretion and De Novo Lipogenesis
Paul Titchenell, Ph.D.
Uehara K, Sostre-Colón J, Gavin M, Santoleri D, Leonard KA, Jacobs RL, Titchenell PM DOI: 10.1016/j.jcmgh.2022.02.015
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May 5, 2021
Loss of FOXO transcription factors in the liver mitigates stress-induced hyperglycemia
Joseph A. Baur, Ph.D., Paul Titchenell, Ph.D.
Garcia Whitlock AE, Sostre-Colón J, Gavin M, Martin ND, Baur JA, Sims CA, Titchenell PM - doi:10.1016/j.molmet.2021
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November 9, 2021
AKT controls protein synthesis and oxidative metabolism via combined mTORC1 and FOXO1 signaling to govern muscle physiology
Tejvir S. Khurana, Paul Titchenell, Ph.D.
Natasha Jaiswal, Matthew Gavin, Emanuele Loro, Jaimarie Sostre-Colón, Paul A. Roberson, Kahealani Uehara, Nicole Rivera-Fuentes, Michael Neinast, Zoltan Arany, Scot R. Kimball, Tejvir S. Khurana, Paul M. Titchenell
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March 18, 2020
Dietary fructose feeds hepatic lipogenesis via microbiota-derived acetate
Paul Titchenell, Ph.D.
Zhao S, Jang C, Liu J, Uehara K, Gilbert M, Izzo L, Zeng X, Trefely S, Fernandez S, Carrer A, Miller KD, Schug ZT, Snyder NW, Gade TP, Titchenell PM, Rabinowitz JD, Wellen KE - DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-2101-7
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March 3, 2020
Cell Factor Activity Controls Developmental and Adaptive Thermogenic Gene Programming in Adipocytes
Paul Titchenell, Ph.D.
Angueira AR, Shapira SN, Ishibashi J, Sampat S, Sostre-Colón J, Emmett MJ, Titchenell PM, Lazar MA, Lim HW, Seale P. Early B - DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.02.023
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March 3, 2020
Shared PPARα/γ Target Genes Regulate Brown Adipocyte Thermogenic Function
Paul Titchenell, Ph.D.
Shen Y, Su Y, Silva FJ, Weller AH, Sostre-Colón J, Titchenell PM, Steger DJ, Seale P, Soccio RE - DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.02.032
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