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Choose a Design and Theme: Horizontal Navigation

Now that you have decided that your content is appropriate for a vertical navigation structure, Design 2 is the best choice for you!  Choose 1 theme from the 4 shown below.  Please note that while you will be choosing an initial theme, you will be able to switch to one of the other 2 themes later, if you wish. 

Design 2: Features

  • Editable Banner Image/Slideshow with Optional Captions (940 X 245 pixels)
  • Horizontal Navigation
  • Sidebar containing:
    • Contact Information
    • Social Media Links (Optional)
    • Links of Interest (Optional)
  • Announcements Section (Optional)
  • Featured Section (Optional)
  • News Section (Optional)
  • Events Section (Optional)

Design 2: Themes

View a live demo of Design 2 and interact with each of the 4 themes before you make your decision!

View Live Demo of Design 2