PMACS Web Team


The Penn Medicine Academic Computing Services provides a number of web development and design services for faculty, staff, and students within the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) to support the School's education and research efforts. The following services are provided for official PSOM departments, institutes, and groups:

Web Site Hosting

Any PSOM department, center, institute, graduate group, lab, or student organization may request an account on our web server, Included with each account is a 30 MB disk quota and a variety of services and security options.

Please be aware that PSOM has design standards for its web sites which must be followed. If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact Alethea Peña, Web Project Manager.

Web Site Design and Maintenance

Any account holder on may request assistance in creating his/her organization's web site. This may include any/all of the following:

  • Web site design using HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript, as needed and then setting up your site to work with our content management system (CMS) so you can maintain the content – see below for a list of available options
  • Creating simple web forms that send submitted data via email as well as saving to a downloadable spreadsheet format
  • Events calendar integration
  • Social networking integration
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) guidance
  • Streaming video hosting and assistance

These services are currently provided free of charge, but should be scheduled as far in advance as possible. Please note also that some groups will receive higher priority and access to the full suite of services while other groups will receive more limited services. See below for details.

Self-Serve Website Service

For faculty lab sites, student group sites, and any other simple site that needs to be up and running quickly, we provide a "self-serve" website service. This option lets you select a design and then populate the site, yourself, with text and graphics. This is by far the fastest type of website to set up.

Learn about our Self-Serve Website Service

Original Custom Designs

For PSOM departments, offices, and centers who have more complex website needs (several dozen pages with multiple levels of navigation, for example), the PMACS Web Design team can create a fully custom design to fit your needs. Note that this option is not available to faculty labs or student groups and is likely to incur a far longer wait time.

If you are interested in a customized design or template and your organization falls within the Perelman School of Medicine, please contact Alethea Peña, Web Projects Manager.

For websites with a clinical/patient focus, please contact the Penn Medicine Marketing Web Team for assistance.

Web Application Development

The School has a team of web designers and programmers that develop web-based database applications. Development is limited to applications with school-wide relevance or benefit. To discuss the feasibility of a project, or for assistance in initiating a project discussion, contact Douglas Brunk, PMACS Director of Software Development, for a consultation.

The School also provides a web development platform for those groups interested in doing their own application development. The platform consists of an Apache web server running on Linux, PHP, and mySQL. This server is managed by Information Services, housed in a secure machine room, and backed up on a regular nightly schedule. Programming support, beyond the creation of accounts, is not available.

Organizations within Penn Medicine which do not have an academic or research component or which require interaction with patient data should contact the UPHS Web Group for assistance.

Personal Web Sites

Personal or commercial web sites must be stored on an external host. The School does not provide support or hosting services for personal websites.