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PMI members organize courses and provide research training in muscle, cell motility, and the cytoskeleton through graduate programs in the School of Medicine, the School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

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Annemarie Weber Prize for Research Presentation and Participation “Sweetie Award”

Two awards will be given per year to trainees to support the presentation of research at national scientific meetings. Awards will be made to one post-doctoral trainee and one graduate student from a PMI Laboratory. Prof. Weber was known for her scientific rigor and high-impact contributions, which included revealing the roles of calcium and myosin-binding in striated-muscle regulation. Prof. Weber was also recognized for her energetic participation within the scientific community, and particularly for her rigorous scrutiny of scientific presentations. To honor these contributions, award selections will be made based on excellence in research AND recognized participation within the Penn research community.

In appreciation of Prof. Weber’s memorable participation in PMI activities, this award will informally be known as the Sweetie Award, which recognizes Prof. Weber’s cherished use of “Sweetie.” As fondly remembered by Prof. Clara Franzini-Armstrong, “I feared to hear the famous ‘Look here, sweetie’ that preceded one of her incisive comments on some inconsistency she had noticed in the presentation.”

The first deadline for applications will be February 2. 2015. Applicants must provide an abstract of research presentation, CV, and a 1-page letter from the mentor outlining research accomplishment AND contribution to the research community. All applications should be sent to Ms. Ashley L. Douglass at

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