Message Effects Lab

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Messages matter. They can influence our behavior by shaping our decisions, emotions, and motivation. How do you know which messages will have the right effect? We can help.  

Together with the Perelman School of Medicine, the Annenberg School is pleased to support the work of the new Message Effects Lab (MEL). Because many well-intentioned health messages have no effect or even “backfire” by decreasing healthy behavior, MEL uses empirical evidence to identify the most promising messages for behavior change interventions. When the message matters, we use science to craft it. 

We can support your goals if you want to: 

  • Apply advances in psychology and message effects
  • Identify and target mechanisms of behavior change
  • Tailor intervention approaches to your unique research needs
  • Leverage validated methods and theory
  • Determine what works best and why

We provide scientific guidance to domestic and international governments, as well as industry. Click here for examples of recent success and ongoing projects.




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