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Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Penn Psychiatry is providing – and will continue to provide – exceptional care to all of our patients.  To protect our patients and staff, and to prioritize the needs of those who may require immediate care, we have decided to make some patient scheduling changes over the next several weeks.  We believe that taking this step is in the best interest of all and will allow us to focus on our most critically ill patients, take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and ensure we have sufficient equipment and supplies during this difficult time.

Changes to Appointments and Procedures

  • Some of the changes to new and upcoming patient appointments and procedures include:
  • Rescheduling patient appointments and procedures over the coming weeks or changing these appointments to virtual visits.
  • Scheduling patient appointments that do not require in-clinic visits via telemedicine
  • We are maintaining in-clinic visits for patients whose care cannot be safely transitioned to telemedicine nor deferred.

If we need to reschedule, postpone, or change your upcoming appointment we will contact you directly.

Changes to Visitor Policy

In accordance with the CDC and the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Departments of Health, we have revised our visitor policy for all Penn Medicine’s hospitals and outpatient facilities.

All patients entering the Outpatient Psychiatry Center at 3535 Market Street will not be permitted to have accompanying visitors, except under special circumstances such as patients who are unable to complete the visit on their own.


The Outpatient Psychiatry Center of the Penn Medicine Department of Psychiatry offers comprehensive psychiatric services, including diagnostic evaluations, psychotherapy service, medication management, and group therapy.

The Center offers specialized treatment of bipolar disorder, treatment resistant depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, psychosis, geriatrics and medical-psychiatric conditions.


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