Penn Psychotherapy Track


The mission of the Penn Psychiatry Residency Psychotherapy Track is to provide an elective experience for psychiatry residents interested in deepening and broadening their understanding and technical proficiency in psychotherapy. The track will provide an opportunity to supplement the basic required curriculum, and will focus on:

  • developing an understanding and appreciation of the theory and practice of the full range of available psychotherapies
  • the similarities and differences among the psychotherapies
  • the issues involved in the clinical integration of the different types of psychotherapy
  • the empirical and clinical knowledge base for the appropriate use of the psychotherapies
  • research approaches to the study of psychotherapy

Brief Description

The Psychotherapy Track is an elective opportunity for PGY3 and PGY4 residents to develop their clinical and academic interest in psychotherapy. The track provides for additional clinical experience, supervision, didactics, and includes an academic project in an area of psychotherapy. Residents have the opportunity to focus on a particular type of psychotherapy.


Residents will carry a minimum of 7 psychotherapy hours per week, and may add a fourth supervision. A group clinical supervision organized around topics in psychotherapy with associated readings will meet Friday mornings 8:30-10:00 from September through June. Potential topics will include female development and psychology, comparison of psychodynamic and CBT treatment, psychotherapy as narrative, specialized CBT techniques, group psychotherapy, the psychology of organizations, terrorism, and classic Freud articles. Each faculty member will be scheduled for 3-4 weeks and will lead a discussion focusing on residents' cases with reference to the topic of interest and discussing key articles in the area. The resident’s PGY4 academic project should focus on psychotherapy, and a mentor will be identified early in the year to help with the development of the project.


Residents will make a commitment to participation in the year's activities in the track, and can renew participation for the second year (for PGY3's). Kristin Wesley, MD is the coordinator of the track, and the Advisory Committee includes Corey Newman, PhD, Judith Beck, PhD, Marc Lipschutz, MD, Jacques Barber, PhD, Edna Foa, PhD, David Riggs, PhD, Ellen Berman, MD, Rob Garfield, MD, and Judith Coche, PhD.

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