Penn Medicine Translational
Neuroscience Center (PTNC)

PTNC Biobank Overview

It is increasingly appreciated that translational biomedical research may benefit greatly from ready access to human biofluid samples collected from individuals with extensive clinical characterization.  To realize this potential, the Penn Translational Neuroscience Center Biobank, under the direction of Alice Chen-Plotkin MD, will serve as a resource to the wider neuroscience community. 


  1. Store existing biosamples from neurological clinic patients and make them available for pilot projects.
  2. Assist the neuroscience community in developing biobanking capability for investigator-led projects.
  3. Develop common biobanking protocols, allowing sharing of samples and integration of biobanks.
  4. Work closely with Perelman School of Medicine-wide efforts to biobank samples to avoid duplication of efforts.


  1. Number of samples and type managed.
  2. Number of samples and type made available for pilot projects.
  3. Success of pilot projects with a significant biobanking component as measured by publication/presentation, success in securing external funding.

In August 2016, we anticipate announcing a pilot project competition for use of PTNC biobank samples and services, which are inventoried here. Stay tuned.

For further information, please contact Theresa Tritto (


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