Penn Medicine Translational
Neuroscience Center (PTNC)

Translational Neuroscience Pipeline: Treatment & Biomarkers

The goal of the PTNC Pipeline is to catalyze and accelerate translation of preclinical discoveries to early phase clinical trials. Neuroscience discovery has certain unique needs that require a resource that complements those available through the Penn Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (ITMAT). The Pipeline will assist researchers through the process of translating preclinical discoveries to develop pharmaceutical or biological therapies, devices or biomarkers for neuropsychiatric diseases. As described below, PTNC also maintains a biobank of biospecimens for neuroscience-related research which are available to the Penn community. The Pipeline staff, including a dedicated Scientific Navigator, will assist in the process of coordinating resources at Penn for medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic assays, GLP and GMP grade preparations. The Navigator will assist researchers in networking with other Penn or regional partners or industry partners. The Navigator is also available to assist researchers related to intellectual property, IACUC, IRB, FDA regulatory needs, and facilitate their connection to the Penn Center for Innovation.  

PTNC Pipeline will host networking events for researchers within Penn, the greater Philadelphia scientific community, and industry. As the goal is to support the translation of preclinical research to Phase I/II clinical trials, PTNC and the Scientific Navigator will also provide assistance linking lab based researcher at Penn to clinical researchers with unique patient populations. The PTNC will provide linkage to the existing Clinical Research Centers at Penn.


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