Acute Inpatient Stabilization Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Program


A short-term inpatient acute psychiatric and withdrawal management and rehabilitation unit for adult patients with a primary diagnosis of an acute mental health condition, or an acute mental health condition coupled with substance misuse disorder is located on the Penn Medicine Presbyterian Hospital Campus in Wright Saunders Building, 5th Floor (commonly referred to as "Wright 5").


The unit, is staffed 24/7 by psychiatrists, registered nursing staff, substance use counselors, and ancillary therapists.

Types of Treatment

Incorporation of the individual’s goals for treatment and aftercare planning is essential to promoting success in treatment. Individuals meet with their treatment team daily. This team includes an attending psychiatrist, case manager, therapist and nurses.  These meetings focus on treatment plan, progress in treatment, the presence of symptoms and address the concerns or questions of the individual.

Medication-assisted treatment for substance misuse disorders as well as medication-free options are offered on this unit.

Individuals participate in individualized treatment planning including aftercare planning, individual and group therapy, and family sessions.

With the individual’s consent, outside providers, case managers, and loved ones are encouraged to participate in the individual’s treatment and aftercare planning while the individual is in treatment. Treatment meetings on unit can be coordinated through the individual’s assigned case manager. Daily visitation by loved ones with the individual’s consent to visit and participation is also available daily.

Length of Treatment

The typical length of treatment for our acute psychiatric treatment and detoxification services depends on medical necessity, presenting issues, and prognosis. Inpatient stabilization services typically last up to 3-7 days and may be extended based on individual treatment.

Continuation of Treatment After Stabilization

If patients and the treatment team wish to continue treatment services for substance abuse and/or co-occurring conditions participants can continue services with our Total Recovery at Penn Medicine, a program of Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Inpatient Detoxification and Substance Use Treatment Program located on the Presbyterian Campus, 4th floor.

Access to Treatment

Referral for admission from providers call (215) 662-8600

Individuals seeking services can be assessed through going to:
Hall-Mercer Community Mental Health Assessment Center
245 South 8th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(215) 829-5249 (open 24 hours)

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