Our Team

Lead Investigator


  • Marina Serper, MD, MS

    Marina Serper, MD, MS

    Faculty Hepatologist
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  • Deirdre Sawinksi, MD

    Deirdre Sawinksi, MD

    Transplant Nephrologist
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  • Jordana Cohen, MD, MSCE

    Jordana Cohen, MD, MSCE

    Assistant Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology
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  • Vishnu Potluri, MD, MPH

    Vishnu Potluri, MD, MPH

    Instructor of Medicine
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  • Behdad Besharatian, MD

    Behdad Besharatian, MD

    Renal Fellow
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  • Elizabeth Sonnenberg

    Elizabeth Sonnenberg

    Research Fellow
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  • Adam Mussell, MA

    Adam Mussell, MA

    Project/Lab Manager
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  • Emily Funsten

    Emily Funsten

    Clinical Research Coordinator
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  • Caitlin Philips

    Caitlin Philips

    Clinical Research Coordinator
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  • Heather Mentch

    Heather Mentch

    Clinical Research Assistant
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  • Elizabeth Lee

    Elizabeth Lee

    Clinical Research Assistant
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Affiliated Members

  • Meera Nair Harhay, MD, MSCE

    Meera Nair Harhay, MD, MSCE

    Faculty Nephrologist - Drexel University College of Medicine
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  • Matthew Allen, MD

    Matthew Allen, MD

    Medical Intern - Brigham and Women's Hospital
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  • Avrum Gillespie, MD

    Avrum Gillespie, MD

    Assistant Professor of Medicine - Temple University School of Medicine
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  • Jonathan Suarez, MD

    Jonathan Suarez, MD

    Assistant Professor of Medicine - Emory University SOM
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  • Photo Unavailable

    Yoonhee P. Ha, MSc, MPhil

    MD/PhD Candidate
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