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High Functioning CPR Teams: Pennsylvania Resuscitation Academy, Train- the-Trainer, and Provider Training

The Pennsylvania HeartRescue Project Resuscitation Academy is an intensive training course designed to assist EMS managers and directors in identifying and implementing strategies to improve out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival in their communities. The Academy is produced in partnership with the Pennsylvania Bureau of EMS and local Regional EMS Councils, and is geared towards EMS directors, medical directors, and providers. Modeled after the leading Seattle Resuscitation Academy, the PA HeartRescue Project has adapted the course for Pennsylvania and is offering it as either a one or two-day course on an ongoing basis across the state.

Interactive lectures, hands-on simulation exercises, live demonstrations, and break-out discussions enable participants to:

  • Learn the science behind resuscitation and therapeutic hypothermia and how it can improve patient outcomes
  • Implement "High Performance" CPR techniques and how this updated teamwork approach will change the way providers respond to cardiac arrest
  • Develop an action plan for EMS response to cardiac arrest
  • Establish and improve cardiac arrest data integrity through the CARES (Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival) registry
  • Understand how dispatcher-assisted CPR improves bystander response
  • Establish community outreach programs to educate bystanders in CPR and AED use


As a follow up to the Resuscitation Academy, we also offer a Train-the-Trainer Academy, to further prepare EMS services to operate as High Functioning EMS Agencies.

Tuition is free and continuing education credits are provided upon completion of the course. For more information on upcoming Resuscitation Academies in Pennsylvania, including attending or hosting one in your region, please contact David Buckler at david.buckler@uphs.upenn.edu or 215-746-4630.


The Pennsylvania HeartRescue Project in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Department of Health have created a number of materials and templates to be used for Train-the-Trainer and Provder Training sessions in support of the statewide EMS protocols for cardiac arrest.These are free and downloadable, and we encourage EMS agencies to download and print copies as needed.To make it easy, we have compiled everything you need for each type of training into a master folder, which you can download below. Or, if you just need one document, we have listed each individual item as well.

Train-the-Trainer Materials

Click here to download the COMPLETE PACKET (zipped folder) of Train-the-Trainer materials.

Or, click the titles below to download each item separately:

For Facilitator:

Provider Training Materials

Click here to download the COMPLETE PACKET (zipped folder) of Provider Training materials.

Or, click the titles below to download each item separately:

For Facilitator:

Resuscitation Academy Materials

CPR group

High-Performance CPR Video Contest

video contest

About the Contest

This year, HeartRescue and the PA Department of Health Bureau of EMS held the first-ever statewide High-Performance CPR Video Contest. We received many creative video submissions from agencies across the state highlighting the terrific work being done to adopt the pit crew CPR model. The winning video submissions are featured in a High Performance CPR training video intended to help all EMS agencies implement the new cardiac arrest protocol. Please check out the High Performance CPR Demonstration Video.

Congratulations to Centre LifeLink EMS from the Seven Mountains Regional Council, the first place winners of the Video Contest! As their prize, the winning team spent a week in Las Vegas attending the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update Conference in June. A big shout out to all of our Video Contest winners:

  • 1st Place: Centre LifeLink EMS    
  • 2nd Place: Marple Township EMS    
  • 3rd Place Tie: Philadelphia Fire Department and Cumberland Goodwill

Thank you to all our video contest participants and keep up the strong work! 

Why a Contest?

When we asked agencies what would help implement the new cardiac arrest protocols, many people requested a high-quality training video. So, we turned to you, the experts, to help create this much needed training tool.


For additional materials to assist your organization, please click here to download a folder that includes:

  • Articles on the science behind High-Performance CPR
  • Pit Crew Models
  • Pit Crew CPR Team Evaluation
  • Pit Crew CPR Time Evaluation
  • Pennsylvania state protocols 3031A and 331A
  • Cardiac arrest checklist
  • NREMT Team Attributes

Special Thanks

  • Nathan Harig and Cumberland Goodwill EMS
  • Our HeartRescue Project partners in Arizona, Minnesota, Illinois, Washington, North Carolina, and AMR
  • The PA Department of Health Bureau of EMS
  • Laerdal Medical
  • The Medtronic Foundation

Good luck with your entry and thank you for your participation!